brand new to sonos and thinking of returning it to the shop !

  • 24 November 2016
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so after a long wait saving up bought the sonos play 5 gen 2, within a few days decided i couldnt live with the constant drop outs (large house router at one end but have wifi extenders) bought the sonos boost and set up AND still i get drop outs which at times make me switch on the radio and switch off the sonos ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh:@

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26 replies

Submit a diagnostic and post the number. Hopefully Sonos Support will sort you out.

have i done right ?
Looks good to me. The diagnostics should reveal your wireless situation in detail.
so im guessing sonos will take as long to reply as they do when answering the phone ? which is equal to the constant time pauses in the streaming !! the boost is wired into my router which is only 10m or 30ft from the play 5 (one wall with a doorway in between) how hard can it be ??
A large part of Sonos will be off today. It's Thanksgiving weekend in the US.
ahhh thats why my sonos has been silent again then lol
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In the absence of Sonos support some others may be able to chime in with some tips.

But here are some
1. Ensure the boost is as far as possible from your router but still wired i.e. Not sat right next to it

2. The wireless channel used by Sonos (under settings) is different to the rest of your home network (normally set in your router)

3. You turn off any kind of 'smart channel' setting of the router and any kind of 'wide' wireless settings.

If none of that helps, try wiring the play 5 direct to the router and see if the issues persist or not.

What services are you using for playback when the issue occurs ? A music sub service (which?) or own music or radio

Did you get the boost after the play 5 or at the same time ? If later then maybe it's still using your own wifi rather than Sonos net. Go to settings and see if it says WM0 rather than WM1
wow some help !! during a pause in my jigging around the aforsaid handbag :boost well they supplied a cable that is yay long so the boost isnt sat on top of the router but a metre away (3ft something if an american needs translation( and remember english "humour" is quite different to the usa and seemingly differs to other parts of the sonos community)) no 2: listen im 48 not 8 so my kids will know what your talking about but its friday night and i have a red on the go so ? surely when you plug in the boost and do the set up it creates differing networks ?? no 3 : see answer to no 2
and really if i have to plug the play five into the router its going back as not fit for purpose, router is in the office at one end of the house and the play five is in the middle ish approx 30ft away (again for the usa benefit) but ta muchy for the constructive answer
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Sonos typically just works out of the box but if it doesn't then I'm afraid the solutions may require a bit of 'tech talk'. Sonos will hold your hand through this process and it's just bad timing your issues coincide with thanksgiving!

I'm not suggesting you keep your play 5 wired to the router - is just a step in the troubleshooting.
We'd better just leave this one for Sonos Support to pick up. It'll be a simple range/interference issue.

'Windy Miller' was a kindly character in a British kids' stop-motion animation TV series (Camberwick Green/Trumpton/Chigley) in the mid/late 1960s. The OP is clearly not related.
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Hi everyone, looks like this one got way out of hand. I just deleted some posts that were off topic, personal attacks, and needlessly aggressive. Let's all remember to stay friendly.

I'm sorry you're having trouble windymiller, and I know it can be difficult this time as we do often get busy with all the people asking questions and looking for help. I hope you were able to work with a technician already, but just in case you haven't I took a look at the diagnostic for you.

The errors for playback all seem to be from the same radio station. Have you had trouble with Sonos music from any sources other than your radio? Have you tried multiple stations and not just the one?

During busy seasons, some radio stations can have trouble providing connections for all the people trying to listen to them all at once. This can cause them to stutter when under too heavy of a load. And as you can imagine, during this time of the year the load is almost always higher than any other time. If you have trouble with a specific radio station, I'd suggest trying out another couple (ideally from multiple providers) just to see if the issue is on your local side of things, or if it's related to the station's stream.

Have you had any trouble with local music as well? Such as music stored on a computer or a mobile device?
hi ryan many thanks for your help, the sonos drops out on radio 2 and absolute 80's and amazon prime music, both my android device and my wife's quite often "cant find " the sonos even when were standing close to either the boost or the sonos and i have had to add the play 5 into my android device many times, installing the boost i felt would solve all issues but it didnt seem to help at all
and yes windy miller was a kind old chap in a smock but i bet if one of the others had a pop at him his dummy would of been thrown out
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Ok, thanks for the extra details. That's sounding like environmental interference causing the cutouts and connection trouble. Usually, this is a result of wireless interference, as already suggested in here.

The diagnostic showed all of the networks in the area on channel 6 or 7, along with your Sonos players on that same channel. Short definitions, there are 11 channels, each one overlaps three channels in either direction. So 6 makes noise on 7, and noise is bad. I'd recommend doing two things. If you can log into your wireless router and adjust its settings, you'll want to set the channel up to channel 11.

The second thing is changing the wireless channel on your Sonos system. Set that to channel 1.

If you can't change the channel on your router, or don't feel confident with that. Set the Sonos channel first. Then, restart your wireless channel by unplugging it for about 15 seconds. The router might be on an auto channel changing mode and the reboot might trigger it to change to an unused channel in the area.

If you have any further trouble, feel free to send in another diagnostic and we'll take a look.
strangely the router channel was already on 11 and the sonos on 6 but changing the sonos to channel one seems to of worked on the music streaming but my android device still sometimes has to search for the sonos but im thinking this may have more to do with my home wifi or phone than the sonos or boost (presuming the android doesnt talk to the boost)

but happy days !

with kind and fraternal regards windy
I too get drop outs on a regular basis and been through the channel changing, rebooting the router with no devices connected and adding each one thus avoiding ip conflicts, all solutions worked for a few days then back to drop outs. My solution regarding the radio was to buy a SONOS connect and plug in a DAB radio. I believe you can do the same with the play 5.

I don't think the problem lies totally with SONOS and is probably more to do with the connection 12mb on a good day, a cheap ISP wireless adsl wireless router and thick stone walls. Then added to the mix are DEC phones, central heating wifi device, electricity and gas smart meter and of course the 3 smart phones, two tablets, two laptop a smart TV all talking on the wifi. Then there are the neighbours wifi clouds which are clearly visible to these devices.

I suspect if I put in a dedicated adsl modem (DrayTek Vigor 120/130) Ethernet Modem connected to an Apple AirPort Extreme along with an Airport express for the areas behind the stone walls would fix the problems, not an insignificant investment and even then I couldn't be sure this would give me a solid robust connection pso I guess it's the SONOS connect with a radio for the present.

As an aside I can't help but notice the SONOS error log seems to have stopped working. Is this a feature SONOS has dropped.
wow have to say that if i had to do all that it would of gone back, take my hat off to you mr percy verance, we only have just above 5mbps here (only got mains electricity a few years ago!) but since i took the advice posted its been fine today so fingers crossed
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'Windy Miller' was a kindly character in a British kids' stop-motion animation TV series (Camberwick Green/Trumpton/Chigley) in the mid/late 1960s. The OP is clearly not related.

Well I nearly wet myself Ratty, but I dought that humour will travel well 😉
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BBC radio2 has issues on sonos (loads of threads on here lately), and issues with iplayer radio on my pc.
Why not get a google chromecast audio £15 currys at mo & plug that in to your PLAY:5. You then can have bbc iplayer radio on sonos, and see if it is any better than crappy tunein, plus all bbc catchup then available as well.

'Windy Miller' was a kindly character in a British kids' stop-motion animation TV series (Camberwick Green/Trumpton/Chigley) in the mid/late 1960s. The OP is clearly not related.

Well I nearly wet myself Ratty, but I dought that humour will travel well ;)

As I am a Brit (and will continue to be so while there is still a U.K.) living in the highlands of Scotland I got the humour fine. I should have mentioned when I lived in the big city I had a 100Mbit fibre connection and yes I still got drop outs. The problem is with streaming, on the web there too many external variables that can have an adverse affect or is it effect on your SONOS streaming experience. My solution was to take the web out of the equation which though works for me will be a complete anathema to some, and no doubt I will get pelters (west of Scotland expression for verble abuse) for that. Enjoy your SONOS it is great when it is working and frustrating otherwise.