Brand New Playbar - Horrific Whining High Pitched Audio Noise

  • 16 December 2017
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I've just bought 2 new playbars direct from Sonos along with the TV mounting bracket. I have setup my own playbar, the 2nd is a gift for Xmas for a family member. I removed my TV from the wall, disconnected all the cables, removed the rear wall mount from the TV, attached the playbar brackets, reattached the TV mount, re-fitted the TV, connected all the cables, turned on and setup the Sonos, added it to my current system and turned on to a horrific audio noise, white noise which is only there when the bar kicks in to play audio. I have googled it and it appears that this is well known to Sonos, so I have followed all the instructions on rebooting, reinstalling etc etc, it makes no difference.

Of course it's now Saturday and there is no one to call at Sonos to arrange a return and I'm left with the dilemma just days from Xmas, do I open the 2nd playbar and test, use this one for myself if it works with the hope there is enough time for Sonos to collect and deliver me a new replacement as the gift for my father.... I really don't need this hassle with a week to Xmas, 3 years this issue seems to date back, how hard is it to find a fix Sonos, this is how you turn off customers, I'm just introducing my father to the system and it's faulty before I even start?

I've ran the diagnostics - 8226793

I guess I will now start the long, boring job of taking it all back down again, thanks Sonos, that's how I planned my Saturday


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