Brand New Play 1 Speakers - Error 1101 - Help!

  • 4 December 2016
  • 5 replies

Hi, we just purchased 2 Play 1 Speakers and have followed all the instructions for set up, dowloaded player on iphone and lap top. When we try to add stations, we keep getting the 1101 error, unable to upadate. We have broadband with wifi and are not using ethernet. We have tried the suggested fix of re starting everything and it doesn't work. We are so diappointed it has to be this hard and I'm about ready to just return these speakers! Any suggestions out there would be so much appreciated. No C.S. until monday, at which time we will call. From what I gather, this is not an uncommon problem. 😞

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5 replies

1101 is an error caused by an interrupted update sequence. Try resetting the units by unplugging, then reapply power while holding in the play/pause button. Hold the button in until the LED starts to flash. Then connect the unit to your router via Ethernet cable and attempt to add. Allow it to update, then edit your wireless info. Do the same with the next unit and then deploy normally.
jgatie - thank you for your reply; I am going to try this right now. Will let you know if it works!
Sorry, didn't work.
You may need to contact Sonos support tomorrow.
I will. Thanks again.