Boost setup and 1 speaker on etherne

I recently purchased a Boost to get Sonos playing in my garage. Wifi setup did not work. The boost works for a bout a week and then drops the garage. To reconnect I have to bring the speaker back into the house, connect and then take back out to the garage.

I'm considering getting a long Ethernet cable. Would this solve the problem if connected into the speaker in the garage and back of Boost? I would then have the main house on the Sonos Mesh.

Presuming this is why the Boost has 2 Ethernet ports, but just want to check before buying Ethernet cable and drilling into walls.

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Can you just clarify please? The Boost is wired to your router? What other units do you have and where are they located?
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if you have the option to wire one of the components directly to the router, you could try putting the boost between the unit located in the garage and the next closest unit in the house, the boost would then extend sonosnet to the garage, if this worked and having a unit wired to the router was not convenient you would need to by a second boost, still easier then lots of cable and drilling walls. I am no expert but i think this is correct. I have an old bridge down the hallway to the kids bedrooms and it has made their sonos work perfectly.
My setup is the following.
Main house - boost (wired to router) 2x Play 5s, 2x Play 1s.

Garage 1x Play 1

One of the Play 5s is pretty close to the garage and I can't get another speaker (or boost) closer to the garage without it being outside.

I tried a wireless setup but this did not work. So I got a boost.

The garage speaker picks up the boost if I move it inside and setup the speaker. I do this as close to play 5 as possible. Then I move it to the garage and it remains hooked up to the main house system.

But generally about a week later it has dropped off the network and that's the problem I'm trying to resolve.

Getting annoying keep bringing garage play 1 back into the house to find the network again, so that is why I'm thinking of connecting an Ethernet cable into 2nd Ethernet port on the boost and directly linking it to the play 1 in the garage.

Is this possible and should it make the whole system more stable?

Hope that explains more clearly!

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As you installed the Boost after you had the Play 5s and Play 1s this means that installing the Boost means you will be operating in mixed mode - The Boost creates it's own network (SonosNet) - Your speakers will then EITHER connect to your Wi-Fi OR the SonosNet. I would be suggesting that you consider moving the Boost to be halfway between your Play 5 and the Play 1 in the garage and wiring that to the router.

But your suggestion to wire the Boost to the Play 1 should also work too.
Thanks Stuart_w.

If I were to move the boost does it have to be connected into the router or could it be connected to one of the speakers?
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To use boost mode (really bad name from Sonos as it really doesn't have anything to do with the Boost per se) you need at least 1 Sonos device wired to the router - that is what will allow the Sonos Net to be created. So you could wire the Boost or one of your other speakers
To pick up on Stuart's point about possible mixed mode, please look in the Sonos app under About my Sonos System. Each speaker will have WM0 or WM1 next to it. What do you have please?
Thanks all. Mode for all speakers is WM0.

From what I can workout he best thing is to run an Ethernet cable from the 2nd Ethernet port on the boost to the speaker in the garage.

I presume this won't affect the speakers in the main house in anyway?

OK you are not in mixed mode which is good. Given that the Boost is right by the router why not run the cable from the router not the Boost?
To save some drilling you might try cabling to the Play 5 nearest the garage. That might be enough.
This may not even be a signal strength issue. I would get Sonos Support to take a look at your system.


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