BOOST setup

  • 5 June 2017
  • 3 replies

Recently purchased a BOOST as I was having problems with play 1 dropping out. However I find that some play 1 speakers are still selecting standard setup (WM1) instead of BOOST. Troubleshooting suggests removing wifi network information from Sonos but at step 3 click next and select RESET, I am unable to find reset option? Where can I find it?

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3 replies

Presumably the speakers would be reluctant to ditch the WiFi where they're still using it. Temporarily wire the WM:1 speakers to the network and power-cycle them. If they still refuse to change to WM:0 the obvious action is to factory reset them, but in that case make sure there is at least one other player which won't be reset.
I believe Sonos recommends removing the authentication data for your wifi from your speakers, once you've moved them to SonosNet, so that there's no confusion as to what method they're using.
I know this is an old post but just to confirm to anyone reading, you do not need to buy a 'boost' module to run your system in 'boost' mode.

Boost mode is another name for 'sonos net' where you setup a mesh network shared by all of your system components, it is available by linking just 1 component to the router by ethernet cable.
Therefore reducing the reliance on the wifi conection and freeing up valuable bandwidth.
It also provides a more stable connection as it doesn't rely on wifi being available at the furthest component, it daisy chains sonosnet between the components so only needs to pass a short distance .
You can also use this network if you wish to connect to directly.