Bluetooth on Roam

Cant connect, only getting a white colour appearing, Roam not showing up as a device in Android when next to it

Oh and the App is useless BTW bit will keep product if can Bluetooth it !

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It would, assuming I turned off the Bluetooth on my phone, and then connect it to their Bluetooth, sure. But as long as I leave my Bluetooth signal active, it won’t connect to another one. 

Bluetooth, unlike WiFi, is a one to one connection, in most cases. Neither of the Sonos devices that have Bluetooth for music streams can connect to multiple Bluetooth sources at the same time. 


Does it work if a friend wants to play his music on his phone? 

I have a vacation home and I want a speaker where guests can play their music. If I set it up with wifi and then put it in bluetooth mode, will guests have to download the sonos app or can they just connect to it with bluetooth and play their phone music on the sonos speaker?

Yes, once the Roam has been registered and setup on a Sonos account, it can be switched to Bluetooth mode and BT-paired with your friends mobile. They will then be able to play their music from that device to the speaker without the need to install the Sonos App.

Ok but what I wanted is my Sonos app to work on the go with the roam. 

Now when I'm away with my roam I cannot access my Sonos app and play list, I can only play things from outside Sonos.