Blinking white lights

  • 13 May 2017
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First of all im not very tech-y so my apologies if this is obvious and ridiculous -
I've been searching and not finding an answer.
My Sonos system has been functioning fine since October - all of a sudden this past 2 weeks every single unit reboots randomly all at once for no reason apparent to me .
Anyone else experience this and have a solution?

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5 replies

I doubt they're fully rebooting, but they could be reconnecting. If the system's using the WiFi ('Standard Setup') then the router could be temporarily dropping its wireless signal.
Thank you - I'm checking into the wireless - does it make sense that it just started doing this now? Is there a better way to do things ?
It would make sense if your router had started acting funny.
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It would make sense if your neighbours have a shiny new router, or something like like a baby alarm, providing interference.
Use a wifi mapper app on your phone to check out the general wifi environment.
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Can you run an Ethernet cable to any of your Sonos devices, that would eliminate the WiFi portion of your router from the issue.

Use a WiFi mapper as suggested above and pick the quietest channel for your Sonos network.