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  • 6 December 2016
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Since I am an iOS user, I don't participate in the betas, so I don't know how it works. My question is, if you're on the beta software and they push out the new release, do you automatically get pushed to the new update?

The reason I'm asking is I'd love to see a diminishment in the "Error Code 9" threads started every day. I know that this board system's search function isn't great, and the human nature of not bothering to look to see if others have posted the same thing factors in to that as well (and bless those who actually do jump on an existing thread, you have my thanks!) but it does seem like there's been a larger number of issues this time around.

I also hope that those who write the beta software system can go back in and fix the issue that caused people not to be able to get out of it without intervention by the community staff at Sonos.

Were it me, I'd also be pushing for an added step in the process of signing up for beta that called out that if you're an iOS user, you should *not* sign up.

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I won't disagree with this at all.

I feel that there should be a "reset" of the public beta pool between tests, so that people who had signed up for a past beta for a specific feature and forgot about it don't automatically get signed up for a new test. Signing up for a new beta should have a VERY CLEAR in LARGE BOLD PRINT notice that iOS devices will be operating with limited functionality until the final release, including minimal settings, inability to add new music services, and other functions that are reduced or limited.

I can't speak to the details of the error 9 issue... but would hope that with the new release now being final, the instances of it will subside.