Best setup using Google WiFi???

  • 27 January 2018
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If your reading this you probably already know Google WiFi and Sonus don’t see eye to eye with one another.

I want to know what configurations people are running that seam to be working. I currently have a Playbar and Sonus Sub. They are both connected via WiFi. For the most part things work great. However, once a week the Playbar looses network connection and I have to unplug the power to get things up and running again.

So, what’s people’s recommendation? Is it as simple as getting a new WiFi router that’s not a mesh system? If so what do you recommend for a 4000 sqft house? Or, can Google WiFi Be saved by a certain configuration done on the router itself or maybe configuration of the Sonos app? At this point I’m open to anything.

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1 reply

So I fixed my issue after installing a Sonos Boost device. Installing the Boost took my Sonos endpoints off of WiFi and put them on SonosNet.