Beam won’t connect wirelessly.

  • 12 April 2019
  • 27 replies

I recently bought a Sonos Beam and it was working fine for a few months. But now it won’t show up on the Sonos app. The white light is on indicating it is connected to my WiFi but the speaker is nowhere to be found. My play 3 and play 1 are working fine.

I have tried factory resetting my beam multiple times. And have even rest my entire Sonos system/controller (basically starting as if I bought all three Sonos Speakers for the first time and set them up) but still my beam is not connecting. Please help!

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27 replies

I’m appalled that Sonos continue to issue such flawed boiler-plate advice.


e. UPnP should be enabled

It most definitely should not. It’s unnecessary for Sonos operation and is a notorious vector for malware intrusion into the local network.


h. STP must be enabled for SonosNet setup

Again, wrong, unless more than one Sonos unit is wired across different router ports, or across different managed switch ports. In the vast majority of cases, where a single Sonos device is wired, STP in the core of the network is irrelevant for SonosNet setup.


I didn’t have to modify any of those settings on my end. So anyone that tries the advice i was given, definitely take into account ratty’s insight.


Thanks Ratty!