Beam via HDMI-ARC Simplink HDMI-CEC Steals Audio from Bluetooth Headphones on LG OLED65C7P

  • 28 July 2018
  • 3 replies

Using LG OLED65C7P with SONOS Beam via HDMI-ARC and Bose QC Bluetooth Headphones.

I paired the headphones to TV, but when I switch the audio output on the TV to "LG Soundsync / Bluetooth", the Bluetooth Headphones work momentarily (3 seconds), then automatically switches back to the Beam on HDMI-ARC. The Bose Headphones still show connected but Beam steals the audio back.

There is a workaround, by going to Settings, Sound, Sound Out, and turning off "Simplink (HDMI-CEC), but this is a pain to do every time I want to use the headphones. You have to re-enable this setting to use Beam again.

Any ideas?

3 replies

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You're not the first to report an issue like this. The first came from someone with a Samsung TV and similar circumstances... Bluetooth headphones connected to the TV, and Beam keeps taking the audio back after selecting the headphones as the output.

Sonos Beam and Bose QC headphones in Samsung TV

Edit: Looks like you found that topic on your own. 🙂
Have the same problem, hope there will be a better solution.
I, too, cannot use my Bluetooth headphones while the Beam is activated. Worse yet, there is no way to turn off the Beam. The scenario for using the Beam and Bluetooth headphones simultaneously is when a person with normal hearing watches TV with a hearing-impaired person (who uses the headphones to boost volume).


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