Beam Sound Quality

  • 8 December 2019
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Hi all, so I have just bought a Beam, not at all impressed to be honest. Bought it on the back of all the reviews, the separation is really poor, bottom end is underwhelming as well.

It’s connected via HMDI Dolby going in. Maybe I expected too much, but basically my very cheap old Samsung bar and woofer outperforms the Beam by a long way on bottom end and provides loads more separation.

I did tune it and carefully, so is it just me, or are others unimpressed as well with the performance of the Beam? 

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7 replies

Are you sending in a dd5.1 signal ? 

Thanks for the reply, I don't think so, the Sonos app says audio in is Dolby Digital 2.0?

That would certainly be an issue, as Lilolill suggested. You should be checking the audio settings on your source devices to ensure they’re sending a Dolby Digital 5.1 signal to your TV, which would normally be passing through what it receives. 

Thanks guys, so my TV is a Samsung: UE48H6400AK

I have no idea if it supports DD 5.1 passthrough via the HDMI ARC connection which is how its connected. Does anyone know if 5.1 passthrough is available on this older TV. Google didn't come up with any definitive answers that I could find?

Would I be better to connect it to the Beam via the optical HDMI adapter cable perhaps, than the actual HDMI ARC connector?

Maybe I need to setup the sound menus on the Samsung when running something in 5.1 such as the Netflix app perhaps?

Thanks for all the help, much appreciated! 

Try the Netflix app first, this should go through in 5.1, my Samsung will not pass through 5.1 on the arc hdmi or optical out on the tv.

its frustrating I know and there are many others with this issue.

Let me know if this is the case as there are splitters on Amazon that bypass the sound 5.1 from source straight to the beam. This is a work around on Samsung TVs.

Hi guys, so, using Netflix streaming a 5.1 film via the Samsung Smarthub App I went into the Samsung TV audio menus and selected the new Dolby source that was not there before, the TV then passed through 5.1 to the Beam successfully, as confirmed by the Sonos App.

The sound is better, much brighter both highs and lows and slightly louder. I am still not impressed in the available width though, the Beam is over marketed for its performance in my humble opinion in this respect.

I think a couple of Play 1’s added on would help in this respect perhaps. Cheers

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Beam and Playbase, in my opinion, have a limited soundstage. The Playbar is better, but physically not suited to all environments.


Wouldn’t it be great if they did a DTS/DD+/DD compatible “centre speaker” to which you could partner Front Left and Right, and rear surrounds, where FL&FR could be One’s or Play:5’s positioned where your room size/layout required them? And same for the rears, of course!