Beam occasionally crackles when loud on tv

  • 9 September 2018
  • 9 replies

Sonos bean occasionally crackles when loud on tv

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9 replies

Thanks man..??
You're most welcome... and I forgot until after posting that you said you had a hard time calling in. Sonos has 24/7 support available on Twitter and Facebook, I'm told, so you might try them. Best of luck!
Haha it’s ok mate.
Thanks for your help!
Will definitely give it a try.:D:)
Ah, gotcha. The difference between American English and British English, that's not a common usage here in the states. And on Sundays, I'm a bit slow :)

I do think your best bet is to submit that diagnostic within 10 minutes of experiencing the issue, so that there's data in what gets sent to Sonos, which might help them identify the issue. Just be sure to post the number here, or call in directly to them with it.
I meant I will have a play with it.(with settings)
But in 1st question I have a BEAM.
I have play 1 and play 3 also but not connected to beam when watching TV which only problem comes through when watching tv not music.
submit a system diagnostic

A Play what? There's the PLAYBASE, a PLAYBAR, a PLAY:1, a PLAY:3, and a PLAY 5 (both gen 1 and gen 2).
Will have a play.
It’s on tv only.
Run through hdmi.
I have skyq but it’s off mini box..but both set to Dolby the Sonos set up the lot through the hdmi provided....the old trick of turning it off and on again worked...but had happened at least 3-4 times since I had it on day release.??‍♂️
Not much information provided in order to offer any assistance. Might be helpful if you were to post the resulting number from a Sonos controller’s diagnostic, along with what make and model of your TV, and how it is connected to the Beam, as well as a list of any other Sonos devices you may have, and how they are connected. Finally, it might be helpful to know what the source is that you’re watching when you get the crackling, and if it happens on all sources, or just one.

Some mildly random things to double check is your TV’s firmware, as well as the audio settings on the TV and any device feeding it, to be sure that they are all set to Dolby Digital.

It’s relevant to to note that the Sonos folks who work the boards, in addition to the folks who work the phones, are Monday through Friday. Sonos does do 24/7 support through Twitter and Facebook, though.
Can someone help instead of calling??thanks 😉