Beam disappears in app when I press play in Netflix

  • 28 July 2020
  • 3 replies

Time and again my Beam disappears in app and green light turns on and no sound, when I start a program on Netflix.. Not the teasers, only when I start an episode or a movie... When I press stop, it reappears.. Any idea? 

3 replies

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What TV? Beam connected via HDMI-ARC or optical?

panasonic  58ex700 connected via HDMI-ARC.

It started last week. After 6 months with no problems..

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You could try to take a look at the settings in your TV, assuming you play Netflix from the app on the TV. Maybe toggle between stereo and DD. If anything is set to DD+ change is to DD.


Maybe reboot your Tv and the Beam first, if you’ve not done that.