Beam controlling xbr65x900e

  • 18 July 2018
  • 3 replies

I set up my beam this morning, the sony bravia tv instantly recognized the beam and switched settings accordingly. It appears that Bravia Sync is enabled, but I cannot give beam commands like turn tv on, pause tv, etc. Anyone have any ideas?

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3 replies

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For the Sony TVs, you'll need to make sure Bravia Sync is turned on, so that's the right starting point. Did you also enable ARC/CEC by going into the Sony TV's Home menu under Sound Settings and then switch Speakers to Audio System. This may also be in the Quick Menu or Options Menu, depending on the model of TV.

Do you have any other devices wired to your TV's HDMI ports? Can you try disconnecting them temporarily, to see if CEC from any of them is overriding the Beam's commands?
Everything is turned on. On/Off commands work now for some reason.
Volume commands still don't work, and i've noticed significant lag when changing the volume with the remote; both showing the volume level on the screen and the volume coming out of the speaker. Is that just ARC lag?
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There shouldn't be much lag associated with sending/receiving volume controls. However, depending on the type of remote it may take a moment of processing. Do any other commands take a short delay? If it seems unusually long, I'd suggest contacting Sony just in case there's something they know about with the volume controls being slow for connecting to CEC devices.