Beam and One keep grouping themselves

  • 19 June 2019
  • 1 reply

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A really annoying thing has recently just started happening, and we need to know how to stop it happening as it’s driving my family mad. No idea why or when it started happening, but it’s almost constant now...

So someone will (using Alexa) plays some music (Apple music) on the Beam in the lounge, and when they do it comes through the One is the kitchen, even though it’s not asked to. The Sonos app shows the rooms have become grouped, and it stays that way even when switching back to TV on the Beam (I guess that’s how grouping is meant to work).

I un-group using the Sonos app, but it always groups again when playing music from the Beam. TV use is fine.

The odd odd thing is that it only works one way, and using the One doesn’t automatically group with the Beam.

Whats happening and causing this automatic grouping?


1 reply

You probably have an Alexa group configured. Look in the Alexa app.