Beam, Amazon video, Panasonic Tv Audio issues

  • 10 May 2020
  • 1 reply

sonos beam wont play audio from Amazon prime video app  on Panasonic Tx 50ex750b when vierra link is turned on, even if vierra link is turned off and on again. Also the same on broadcast sat occasionally but fixed by turning off then on vierra link in Tv settings.

No settings found in app to check audio settings. Any ideas for a fix for the above.

1 reply

Hi @Mrdirtyboots. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community.

When we see that resetting the TV link settings are the only way to fix the audio from cutting out, indication of an issue with the TV communicating with the Sonos speaker is usually present.

The TV’s job is to output audio through the ARC port and if the TV stops doing so or stops recognizing that a player is inserted into the port, the audio will drop.

While the TV is on but no audio is heard, would you be able to provide me with a diagnostic report of the system? By replying with a confirmation number, I would be happy to take a look further.