BBC Stations dropping out on Tunein Radio

  • 29 January 2017
  • 13 replies

I'm getting regular dropouts on the BBC stations on Tunein Radio (Radios 2/4/5/6). It was solid for the last year or so as far as I'm aware but started playing up a few days ago, came back to OK for a day or two, and today is a constant problem (dropouts seconds apart at times) so the stations are basically unusable.

Other stations on Tunein and other services eg Spotify are working normally. Yes, I have switched everything off and on again.

Any fixes?

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13 replies

Submitted diagnostic on this - confirmation number is: 7047774.
try disconnecting atl BBC stations and then reconnect them. I'm streaming BBC without issue.
Thanks for response atp, but can you be more explicit? How do I disconnect a station? Can't see it on the options anywhere. I have these stations on Radio by TuneIn | May Radio Stations.
/my/ !
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In the My Radio Stations you can go to the Info & Options to remove the station from your My Radio Stations and then search for the station again. Once that's done you can search for it again and try to add it. That might connect with a better stream on your system.
I'm getting the same problem - seems to be only Radio 2 - will try Ryan's suggestion
I have the same problem. Unfortunately removing favourites didn't work. Oddly some BBC works fine, but not radio 4 😞.
Turns out the problem is with TuneIn. Getting another feed to BBC sites works perfectly (the other thread on this topic helped alot - search BBC.) You don't get programme information, but what the heck.

Sonos support still saying how much they want to solve the problem, but not actually done anything!
I'm also getting the same problem: BBC Radio 2 keeps cutting out or skipping. I'm on the BETA program so not sure if this is related.
Don't know if Beta will affect it, but it is worth getting another feed instead of Tunein, I googled it, looking for live feeds that I could then added in. Have a look at Sonos did get back to me in the end, the issue, for me, appeared to be with TuneIn........
Thanks 😃 I've already earmarked the following URL and will try it out shortly...
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I'm having this issue as well, really irritating

If the issue is with tunein - can't Sonos speed up their integration with Radioplayer - they're waiting on Sonos - see

@Sonos Yes, we have been talking to them for a while now. We're waiting for a crucial piece of development they're doing.
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oh good find britcowboy, maybe there is hope after all for bbc radio on sonos.