BBC Radio 2 / TuneIn not working

  • 9 November 2016
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Have been unable to get TuneIn to play BBC Radio 2 the last few days at certain times of day e.g. UK a.m.

"Please wait" for about 10 seconds then "unable to play the radio station"

Have deleted it from Favourites, then searched in TuneIn for BBC Radio 2 and re-favourite - but does not work.

BBC Radio 4 works fine.

Anyone else?

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1 reply

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I have issues with Radio 2, Radio 5 live and Radio 4 (Don't often listen to other BBC stations) and they all have problems.

Sonos TuneIn streams for BBC have some problems at the moment - I complained to the BBC and they admitted there are issues. This is what they told me 11 October:-

Sonos and the BBC have identified an issue that can affect the BBC's SHOUTcast streams on their devices. The issue causes playback to stop after a period of time and the stream then needs to be restarted. The length of time that it takes for this to happen can depend on network conditions.
The BBC and Sonos are actively working together to fix the issue at the moment.

I saw another post by Sonos here where they said there was an issue(s) with a load balancing server causing issues with BBC streams.

I don't have a high degree of confidence it will be fixed any time soon.

Support have given me mp3 URL links - frankly they aren't much better.