AWFUL spotify connect

  • 8 December 2016
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Im getting seriously dissapointed with Sonos.
I have the first gen of play 5 with a useless bridge which you needed to buy at the very begining if you wanted to play wireless music. Then they decided it was irrelevant if you wanted just one speaker.
Well going to the point, after long time waiting for the Spotify connect integration... now it just doesnt work. And the worst thing is that im a system administrator so normally i troubleshoot this stuff myself but now the problems doesnt make sense at all. You open the spotify app in android... connect to your speaker and after some songs goes crazy. Music stops... jumps to next song and all the system seem to freeze even if playing from the sonos app.

Im considering selling your product second hand and buy a chromecast audio with a decent speaker... much easier.

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3 replies

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Hi Blastik, do you have any trouble playing music through the Sonos app or is it just trouble with the Spotify Connect procedure?

I'd love to take a closer look at the system. Can you submit a diagnostic from there and reply back with your confirmation number?
initially i start playing songs with spotify connect and then when the system goes crazy i try with sonos app but no luck
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Thanks, looks like your trouble is being caused by some interference issues on your system. I'd recommend starting with changing the wireless channel on your Sonos.

Also, if you have the BRIDGE right next to, or on top of the router, please make sure to separate them by a foot or two if possible.