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I am having a barbecue right now, so I cannot ask for online chat support, but I created a diagnostics file right after my Sonos skippedto the next song without me pressing next: 116502632 is the diagnostics number. this happens lately more often. It could be the ZigBee sensors I am using lately but I am uncertain why this happens and what to do about it. I changed the ZigBee channel of the Sonos to 6 to no avail so perhaps it is something else


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What is your music source?

Try unplugging your Sonos speakers from power for about a minute and rebooting your router. You can also try wiring one of your speakers (not a surround speaker or Sub) directly to the router with an ethernet cable.

Sonos Staff may not ‘always’ pick up on diagnostics here in the community, so as a fellow user I would suggest perhaps also trying non-overlapping WiFi channels 1 or 11 on your router 2.4Ghz Band (That’s in addition to channel 6, and only if the problem persists)  …and it maybe more helpful to set the channel-width to 20MHz.

If using SonosNet, set that 5+ channels away from your chosen router channel and even consider removing your WiFi credentials altogether in the App’s network settings, if not needed for devices like Sonos Move, or Roam. The stored WiFi credentials are not ‘normally’ required when running your devices on SonosNet. See if those things assist.

Also note there are also some Spotify issues with tracks skipping too at the present time, which Sonos/Spotify are apparently investigating, but I’m not sure if this applies in your case.



SONOS does not use ZigBee, however, there can be some interference between ZigBee devices and WiFi devices. Here is a table of potential interference.

I assume that at least some of your SONOS units are wireless. Note that humans are essentially bags of water and water absorbs 2.4GHz and 5GHzenergy. If your barbecue introduces more water bags than normal, these extra bags might be absorbing too much WiFi.