Audio skipping when playing 5.1 sources

  • 16 December 2016
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I have been using sonos home theater (Playbar + Sub + 2xPlay1's) to great enjoyment. In the last few days (roughly correlated with the final 7.0 software update), I have been noticing audio dropping when playing 5.1 sources.

This is fairly random, but the audio just drops out for 1-5 seconds randomly, sometimes several times in a row. Then it is fine for a while, and then there is another batch of drops. What's interesting is that I was on the 7.0 beta program for a while, but this didn't happen when I was on the beta. However, I only did trueplay tuning for the playbar after the beta, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Music playback on the same system is 100% ok with the surrounds on 'full' mode.

I captured some diagnostic information during a period when I was suffering these audio drops. The diagnostic code is 6873982.

The same media that used to play fine before is suffering this issue now, which suggests that it is a Sonos issue.

Any help would be most appreciated.

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2 replies

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Writing that post, it struck me that it may just be the trueplay tuning that is messing things up. I will try to play some movies without it tonight and see if the situation recurs.
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It looks like this is a known issue with the Sony XBR line. I have a XBR55x810c. It is strange that the cutouts only started happening in the last few days.

I just stumbled upon this thread

Given the recency of the posts, it seems that something has regressed lately.