Audio Interruptions and Playback Issues

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Sound drops off or cuts out.Constant audio issues.

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You have network issues obviously. You can get this corrected with a little more info here - or call Sonos and they will get you fixed up.
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Sonos help desk is usually very helpful.

You'll need to submit a diagnostic, which is quite straightforward.

Are any of your speakers connected by Ethernet cable to your router- or are you relying entirely on Wireless?
Sonos music skipping fix:
I have 7 Sonos speakers in my house. I had problems with system always skipping out before song ends, etc.... Finally Turned off "AUTO LOCK" on iphone. Fixed the skipping problem.Go to Setting: Display Brightness: Autolock: change to Never.
I have the same problem. Started with the update for airplay 2. Now I cannot control my Sonos anymore with my phone locked. And when my iPhone locks, the music on my playlists stop. Very annoying! It seems that with every update you get less functionality on your older speakers. Is this the Sonos market strategy?


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