Audio dropping out when Sony TV is off, but using Soundbar for music

  • 30 August 2021
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I bought a Sony Bravia X90J today and configured it with my Soundbar + Sub, which was relatively easy. It works fantastic whilst the TV is on and the audio quality is great. The Soundbar connects to my Bravia via an optical cable.

I also have a Play 1 in another room, so I often have the TV off and I will stream spotify through both Zones. Whenever the TV is off and I do so, the Soundbar+Sub zone audio intermittently drops out and I can’t figure out why.

Software on all of the hardware items is up to date and I am certain the issue is to do with the optical cable as whenever I’ve taken it out and continued to stream music, it works. The issue also doesn’t happen whenever the TV is ON and I stream music through both zones, so it’s as if the TV is signalling something to the the Soundbar+Sub which interrupts the audio for a moment (as the other Zone continues playing the music whilst this happens).


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Hi @stefandalla, welcome to the Sonos Community!

That certainly sounds strange - would it be possible to disconnect the soundbar from the TV completely for a short while, and then test music playback? Does the audio continue to drop, or only when the TV is connected?

It may also be worth submitting a diagnostic, and then reaching out to our Customer Care team via live chat or phone call with the confirmation number, as they’ll be able to take a closer look at why this is happening.

Let us know how you get on!