Audio Dropping out, Skipping - SOLVED, FIXED

  • 8 March 2018
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I was reading some other threads and people were having the same problem I was. I was having my play 1's skipping audio when watching TV. I have 4 play 1's in my room. At first I thought it might be the microwave, or something interfering with it because it wouldn't do it all of the time. The past few days however it has been doing it more and more. Today it was the worse. So what I did was this:

1. I checked my optic audio cable that you connect to your TV and Sonos.
2. It was tight but I was able to jiggle it a little.
3. While I was doing that I notice my play 1's stopped the skipping.
4. I disconnected the audio optic port to the TV and then reconnected it to the TV.
(I really pushed the optical cable in it's port on my TV while I was re-connecting it to the TV. Be careful though because the audio optic port can break easy sometimes on both the TV and Sonos).
4. I also disconnected then re-connected the audio cable to the Sonos soundbar.

Right now I'm not having an issue.

I hope this helps for those people who are having this type of issue.

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6 replies

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Hi there, Scott_143. Thanks for sharing your fix. Should you run into any other problem, please feel free to reach out. We are happy to help.
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Thank you Keith N.

I think my problem is definitely with my optical audio port on my TV (not Sonos, I checked it on the Sonos part and it's in there nice and tight). It was working fine for a few hours and then it kept skipping again. I check the back of the TV and the optical audio cable was lose again. So it seems like it will stay in a little while, and then slowly come out. Not all the way though which was causing the skipping since it's not in all the way and only in partly.

I went and got a new optical audio cable as well to see if that worked and it didn't. I do have coverage on the TV so tomorrow I will go to the place and see what they can do. Hopefully they can repair it (they said they will when I got the coverage but who knows) I'm always skeptical when I get these coverage's.

To me though this is definitely what is causing it. I would advise everyone to be careful when plugging the optical cable into your optical audio port on Sonos and the TV because it is very sensitive and can break easily.
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I should also point out that the audio does not cut out when i'm listening to a music service or TuneIn. Only if I'm watching TV. That's how I know it's the TV.
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Thanks for following up, Scott. Let us know if there's anything else we can do. If you have any other devices equipped with an optical port, you can attach the PLAYBAR to this instead.
In my opinion all of the optical ports are fragile. Bumping the fiber cable can fracture the optical port. While this fracture will usually not compromise function, the optical cables will not fully latch and are prone to falling out. A complete repair will probably require replacing a large printed circuit board. A work around is to relieve any strain on the optical cable.

The cable supplied with PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE appears flimsy when compared to expensive cables. I actually prefer the supplied cable because it is less likely to fracture the optical port than the expensive cables which typically have large connectors at the end. The large connectors don't always fit in the space available and as they are forced to fit, the optical port is fractured.
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Okay well I'm getting a new TV for free (a lot better TV than what I have now) and wow does this replacement plan come in handy. Anyways I am getting everything hooked up on Wednesday. So once I get it hooked up and test it out for a few hours. I will let you guys know if it is still skipping, but I really do think it's the audio port on my old TV that was causing it.