Audio dropping on CONNECT

Hey guys,

Whenever I play audio over my CONNECT, no matter which service I use, the audio drops out. I would say skip, but the track continues to play with whatever service I use (Apple Music, Google Play, etc) but the audio will cut out, then picks back up later in the song as it plays. This ONLY happens on my CONNECT though. The two PLAY speakers I have work flawlessly. Really confused with this one. I tried replacing the analog audio cables with optical, and the same issue happens.

Diagnostic number: 6602565

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How are all your Sonos devices connected to your network?
I've got my Connect hooked up via ethernet to a wireless switch (which hosts internet via wireless no problem) , which is connected via ethernet to a wired switch, which hosts all of the other devices on my home network. From there, it hits the cable modem/router and out to the internet.

edit: I should also say that the Play devices are connected wireless to the connect
What kind of 'wireless switch'? Do you mean a WiFi access point?

If you start with the CONNECT and then group the two PLAY speakers with it, do the speakers keep going when the CONNECT's audio drops?
Ratty, yes essentially. It's pretty much an access point that I can plug ethernet into. As for the audio, I can group all the speakers (2 Plays and the Connect) together and the 2 Plays will rock out while the Connect picks up and drops audio randomly.
To be clear: You started with the CONNECT, hit its 'GROUP' button and then added the PLAY speakers? The order is important. In that case the CONNECT is the group coordinator and the network is all working as it should. This suggests that the problem is either in the CONNECT itself or the cabling/equipment wired to it.
An important determination that I was not aware of: I did start music with the CONNECT (I should be more consistent with my capitalization conventions), which was dropping in and out as I said before. I did then group the other PLAY speakers with it, and they are working as usual. I tried replacing the ethernet cables and switching ports on the access point. No dice. The music did stop on the PLAY speakers when I unplugged the ethernet cord. Thanks for a crash course on how grouping speakers works 🙂
The evidence suggests the CONNECT, or downstream thereof, is where the problem lies. You've tried alternative cables from it. What is it connected to? Is there any pattern to the dropouts, for example when the music gets quieter (which would suggest an auto-sense in the downstream equipment)?
I've got an Anthem MRX 300 that the CONNECT feeds into. Originally, it was fed using the analog cables. When I noticed the problem, I switched to another analog audio input on my receiver. The problem persisted. I then changed out the analog cables for an optical TOSLINK. The problem still persisted. My HDMI inputs all still work to drive my speakers normally. The problem is independent of the volume I use to drive the speakers. ::sadface::
Is the volume on the Connect set to Fixed (full volume)?
It's over to Sonos Support I think. You already submitted a diagnostic so they should take a look. On the face of it you/we have pretty much eliminated the network and the audio connections, so the CONNECT itself might be unwell.
LHC: It is, and after you brought it up, I tried lowering the volume on the CONNECT, then pumping up the receiver audio. Same problem. Good looking out, though.

ratty: Yeah, it looks like it. I appreciate you and LHCs time. It's just a shame that I noticed this happening on Sunday afternoon (Central US time). I'll be either waiting for support to notice this during business hours or putting in an email/phone call with a link to this post. Much appreciated, guys.