Audio Dropouts when Zones are Grouped

  • 20 April 2018
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I have a CONNECT in LIVINGROOM and a PLAY5 in BASEMENT. PLAY5 always plays cleanly without issue. CONNECT works great if it is the only thing in a GROUP. When LIVINGROOM and BASEMENT are grouped, I get very frequent drop-outs/distortion/recovery in audio in LIVINGROOM/CONNECT. I've tried changing WiFi channels, but no difference. Besides, both the CONNECT and PLAY5 are connected to hard-wired LAN links in my home (versus WiFi). This combination worked fine for years and only started dropping out like this. Does seem like some form of interference but can't think of what's causing it (no new equipment lately). Note that the I also have a REMOTE but do not make much use given the app support on iPhone/iPad which is used far more often.

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4 replies

I just submitted a diagnostic in hopes of having someone take a look. #1862249361. Thanks.
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I just submitted a diagnostic in hopes of having someone take a look. #1862249361. Thanks.

Hi Felben,

Welcome to the community, and thanks for sending in the diagnostic report. There are some wireless interference spikes showing up in your diagnostic report. It will likely help to change the wireless channel on your Sonos system.

Also, it may help to check your router to see if it is set to automatically switch its wireless channel, a common default setting. This can help reduce interference in the future.
Tried the other two SONOS BOOST channels without any impact. Decided to try Advanced Settings --> Wireless Setup and move everything to WiFi instead of my wired LAN. I tied SONOS into my main WiFi router in the basement (I have a secondary WiFi router to extend coverage - that router does not do DHCP). This seems to have addressed the audio drop-outs. Both zones are playing as a group now very happily.

Any idea why this solved the problem? I don't think I had assigned/tied the system to WiFi prior to doing it today but can't remember. Somewhere along the way today, I also changed both WiFi router channel numbers - but that was not enough to fix the issue (which makes sense if SONOS wasn't using the WiFi anyway). Oddly (to me), both CONNECT and PLAY5 still come up in WM=0 (BOOST) whereas I thought they would change to WiFi (WM=1) after the change I made. In any event, things are working again so I'm in good shape. Thanks.
Exact same problem (audio loss/drop-out in LIVINGROOM) is occurring again with no changes to the configuration. This is getting a little frustrating. I've submitted another diagnostic (#622094858). Please advise steps to address this. The system worked without issue for years and now not so much. I always loved that SONOS "just works" so I'm not used to troubles like these. Thanks.