Audio Drop Out

  • 30 March 2017
  • 2 replies

Recently moved and reset up my Sonos system. Play:3 is working fine. The Connect (ZP90) has been experiencing audio drop outs from Music Collection, songs on iPhone and Spotify. It will play for a bit, sound will drop out for a bit, sound will return. This happens if I have the Play:3 and Connect grouped together or play the Connect alone. Connect is connected to switch via ethernet. SonosNet is set up.

Diagnostic No: 7238295 & 7092847

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2 replies

Anyone have any ideas?

Since the original post I have added in a Connect:AMP (ZP120) that is not experiencing any issues.
All Sonos components have static IPs assigned by DHCP.
Hello wdckwrth, welcome to the community and thanks for submitting the diagnostics.

7092487 came through blank, but we were able to see 7238295. To confirm, the issue is happening with the device named "Living Room", correct? This device appears to be wired to your router or network, and should have a pretty solid connection through the ethernet cable. When you experience the audio drop outs, do you receive any error messages? I'm not seeing any errors referencing any lost connectivity, is the audio just dropping with no errors?