Audio Delay Between Connect and Play 5

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Disappointing not to have delay compensation in Play 5 so I can listen to my expensive stereo system with Connect at the same time as Play 5. Big echo between the two. I didn't see any warnings in the sales information. I feel like this was not disclosed. Can this be fixed with a software update? Or do I need to return one of the components?

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That's an idea. I will need to buy a DAC though as I don't have a receiver, just an amp.
Try a digital output from the Connect. It will probably go the other way! However, you may have a “straight” mode which is somewhere in between the two. You might get lucky...
Right, I thought so. Maybe I'm in the wrong place then, because I am having the inverse problem: My Sonos P1 and One delayed; the sound from them is _behind_ the output from my Connect, which goes via RCA direct to an analog amp (Rega Brio) that does no processing whatsoever.

But I suppose I am stuck just the same as y'all.
Yes. I have gone for the RCA connection and it is much much better; still a bit off but it is tolerable. The digital outputs are useless though. Would be great if you could control the time the delay across your multiple Sonos devices when plugged into other devices but realise that Sonos are not interested in dealing with this even if it is easy. This is something people will want to be aware of if they are integrating Sonos with other systems.
Am I right in my understanding that everyone here is experiencing a delay whereby the audio from their amp is _behind_ their Sonos output?
Please sort this out Sonos. It can’t be hard and it really annoys me that you can’t be bothered. There is no way I am getting rid of my av receiver home cinema for your products, in fact I might eBay the two play 5s and the connect if I can find systems that can be grouped with delay.
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As mentioned by the 2 posters above this isn't a bug per se and there seems virtually no chance of it being "fixed"
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Yes as I mentioned inrelease thread. I don’t see Sonos allowing people to go in and add delay to speakers around the house manually. They have been aware of the request for years and have never mentioned any thoughts on giving users the ability to add delay to their play speakers.
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This is not a bug to be fixed. It is a new feature that is required and I can't see that happening anytime soon if at all. Not trying to say it's not needed just trying to manage your expectations. We have had no indication that Sonos are working on this, that doesn't mean they aren't but given the focus on Smart home products at the moment I suspect it is some way down the list 😞
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software version 8.5 been released, still not fixed

It would be good if these weren't just ignored for ever more.
Happy to help! Sonos is just trying to get you to buy their sub for the .1 benefit. :) Yep...also, I was mistaken as it is only 2 channel I get and no sub as I pointed out. So it's basically like I have two more Sonos Ones in the living room. Not ideal, but again, I'll take it after hearing that awful echo.
Happy to help! Sonos is just trying to get you to buy their sub for the .1 benefit. 🙂
Have you tried direct mode on the receiver to bypass the audio processing? There's also rumors of an updated Connect to be released this year. Suppose its possible that they'd add audio delay options with it but you'd only be delaying the line in content (ie. TV) and not any Wifi content unless they updated the Sonos software. You could always buy an older receiver like mine on ebay...ha. You sir are my hero. While it doesn't let me harness the full capabilities and flexibility offered by my receiver, this will do. SONOS, you appear to be off the hook...sort of.
Have you tried direct mode on the receiver to bypass the audio processing? There's also rumors of an updated Connect to be released this year. Suppose its possible that they'd add audio delay options with it but you'd only be delaying the line in content (ie. TV) and not any Wifi content unless they updated the Sonos software. You could always buy an older receiver like mine on ebay...ha.
Well crap, I am brand new to the Sonos game...just bought a Connect and two Ones. I noticed the audio lag right away on my receiver. The guessed it...Yamaha! I was so pumped up for this and thought the Connect would be the perfect solution. I've changed some settings on my receiver (adjusted the distance from all my speakers to zero), have tried optical and RCA, different DSP sound fields but nothing seems to be working. I have an awesome system in the living room for home theater (Martin Logan's throughout) and am not about to downgrade my audio system to a Sonos soundbar. Any suggestions? Wish I saw this thread earlier. I may be returning my Connect as it doesn't deliver on what I needed it to do.
I currently have an open ticket with Sonos but that was before I found this thread myself. I have little to no hope they will return with a satisfactory answer.
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I too had an older AV receiver from Sony that output the sound in 2.1 without any delay. I tried both the latest Onkyo and Sony receiver without any joy at all. Onkyo became part of Pioneer in 2015 so the internals of their AV equipment is now very similar to Pioneer.
I understand that the delay is caused by processing that the AV receiver hardware is doing, but if you are making a product that is supposed to work with 3rd parties you have to be flexible and change your software to accommodate the foibles of the other systems. I could understand why you wouldn’t do if the problem was isolated to just one manufacture, but seeing as there isn’t a single 4k AV system out there that will output 2.1 sound without a delay I would suggest that the resolution must sit with Sonos. Some of the threads discussing this are now over 5 years old which in tech terms is a very long time.
I've been following a number of threads regarding this issue and decided to take the plunge anyways, buying a Connect and pair of Ones recently. I have 2 tvs in the basement and have never been able to sync the audio between them for parties. With super bowl party coming up I had to find a solution and Sonos delivered. The receiver connected to the Connect is really old, an Onkyo HT-R510, but I cannot hear any delay secondary to processing when using 2.1 stereo with a sub. Everything is connected via RCA cables as there is definitely an echo when using coax. Not a direct solution for you but maybe Onkyo receivers have less of a processing delay. Now to decide if I should get a playbar for the tv with the Ones. :?
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Went and got the RX-A670 today as the RX-A660 in no longer for sale and am sorry to report that unless its i straight mode there is a delay (its not massive but its there) . I have tried models from denon, sony and yamaha and none of the will send a signal to the sub and there not be a delay.

The only way this going to get resolved is if sonon make an option avalible for connect customers.
3 cases :
7ch stereo (including subwoofer, so 7.1ch at the end)

Straight is 2.1ch

Direct is without any treatment, so pure 2ch and no subwoofer.

All 3 cases are synced so i definitely choose the 7ch stereo.
The AV seems to understand the stereo signal and split between sub and L/R speakers, with center being a mix of L+R.

My AV is a yamaha RX-A660.
I created a scene for that input (AV4 + 7ch stereo).
Sadly it cannot auto switch to that source, or better auto power on the AV with that source, like a HDMI CEC woud do...

Hope this will help. See ya 🆒
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RCA cables will give you the closest to fully synced (and will sync if you are in pure mode). But will not send any signal to the subwoofer. Did you manage to get 2.1 sound fully in sync?
I had this problem too. lag between connect plugged in to my yamaha AV receiver and play 5. Even with direct/pure (no processing) audio there was a noticeable lag and delay when the connect was plugged in through optical audio, but when i switched it to RCA red and white connection... the lag was no longer noticeable FYI

However, I still think this is a very important issue for Sonos to address... there should be a option to put in delay to certain selected zones.

I just bought a Sonos Connect to finally be able to link my Home Cinema setup to my Sonos network.
I noticed audio delay.
My HC setup is a Yamaha RX-A660 A/V receiver.
I plugged the Sonos Conect to the receiver with an optical cable. (the best isn't it ?)

After 2 hours of struggling and reading with best advices to be uncompressed in advanced settings in Sonos parameters, and switching off all decoders on receiver (Pure, direct ...) no effect at all.
Since all i need was to delay the Sonos play 1 and 5 and no options in the settings, i felt i was screwd until i tried what i just quoted : "JUST USE RCA CABLES"

Now it is just perfect.
Hope this advice will help many !! 😃
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Am in the uk so both of these are impossible to source. This thread seems to be the highest ranked in google for the issue. But this thread
seems to be where you can add your voice to the development request. Purely for selfish reasons I would suggest you all add a plus one here so we have a picture of how many it effects.
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(Adding to my previous comment)

Best is really the Niles SPK-1, which is triggered by a 12V control source. It can be hard to find, though, which means the price fluctuates.
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As far as I can tell I only have 3 options
1) stick with my old amp as it works with the connect (all be it I don't get the 4k picture from any of my sources)
2) ditch the connect (not ideal as I get better sound from this than the play 1) and replace it with a play 1
3) Get bigger speakers at the front (but I don't want this as they will impose on the room).

You have a fourth option if you don't mind spending a little more money: use both your old amp and the new AVR in tandem. You can have your CONNECT hooked up to your old amp, then have both your AVR and the old amp run to an automatic A/B speaker-level switch. Put the Sonos on the A line, and the AVR on the B line. When your AVR is off, you get Sonos via the CONNECT. When the AVR turns on, the speakers get switched to the AVR.

We do this in our family room where we have a CONNECT:AMP. We didn't want to have yet more speakers just for Sonos, so sharing the mains between the AVR and the CONNECT:AMP was a convenient solution.

You used to be able to get one of these from MCM for US$50, but when Newark took over the price nearly doubled. 😞
In the end, the Connect was designed and built to play music through a hifi amp and speakers. Sales of Connects must be tiny now compared with Play speakers and I would guess few of those are for AV receivers. And there it isn't really an issue if you aren't grouping. I understand your frustration but the situation is not going to change.