Audio Delay Between Connect and Play 5

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Yes. I have gone for the RCA connection and it is much much better; still a bit off but it is tolerable. The digital outputs are useless though. Would be great if you could control the time the delay across your multiple Sonos devices when plugged into other devices but realise that Sonos are not interested in dealing with this even if it is easy. This is something people will want to be aware of if they are integrating Sonos with other systems.
Right, I thought so. Maybe I'm in the wrong place then, because I am having the inverse problem: My Sonos P1 and One delayed; the sound from them is _behind_ the output from my Connect, which goes via RCA direct to an analog amp (Rega Brio) that does no processing whatsoever.

But I suppose I am stuck just the same as y'all.
Try a digital output from the Connect. It will probably go the other way! However, you may have a “straight” mode which is somewhere in between the two. You might get lucky...
That's an idea. I will need to buy a DAC though as I don't have a receiver, just an amp.