Assigning static IP addresses on new BT smart hub

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Morning all,

Have just started using the new BT smart hub and on previous hubs have been able to assign the IP address to each network device via the hub set-up page.

Have tried this on the smart hub and whilst the facility exists it will not save the IP address. Having looked on the Internet this appears to be a common problem.

I wondered whether anyone had found an easy workaround for this issue?

I have 10 zones, a multitude of iPods, iPads, iPhones, kindles and heaven-only-knows what else sitting on my network and I found that by assigning the IP's I was less subject to duplications and storms. Since swapping to the smart hub I have again been plagued with drop-outs to the extent that BT are now sending me a replacement as it appears to have an issue - that however won't resolve the IP address thing.

Any help greatly appreciated as always

Thanks all 🙂

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Hmm. A casual glance at the BT community suggests this is indeed an issue. But why do you actually need to explicitly reserve the IPs? The HH6 (Smart Hub) has a habit of keeping the same address for each device anyway, presumably based on hashing the MAC address. Certainly I've found that the IPs assigned to the few Sonos units that I have directly connected to the HH6 don't change.

If you want complete flexibility, turn off the HH6 DHCP server and use your own. A little old Linksys WRT54G running Tomato firmware does the job nicely on my secondary (and main) LAN, which is cascaded off the HH6.
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Thanks Ratty. I hadn't noticed that the HH6 was keeping the IP's that same so perhaps that negates the need to assign?

I'm afraid that you've lost me on the whole tomato firmware stuff; I love Sonos and have a basic knowledge of computers in terms of getting what I need done but to start tinkering in that stuff is a proper dark art for me!

I'm hoping that some of my issues with the HH6 are as a consequence of the unit being faulty and that the replacement unit (arriving tomorrow) will solve them. My experience of BT HH's is that this will solve some but not all.

Thanks again 🙂
Thanks Ratty. I hadn't noticed that the HH6 was keeping the IP's that same so perhaps that negates the need to assign?
As I say, my observation on HH6 (and HH5 before it) is that IP associations with MACs are 'sticky', and I have never made any attempts to fix them in the router.

I'm afraid that you've lost me on the whole tomato firmware stuff;

Never mind. I've just found it convenient -- on a different LAN -- to use a simple standalone DHCP server instead of the one built into the router. It offered much more flexibility.

I'm hoping that some of my issues with the HH6 are as a consequence of the unit being faulty and that the replacement unit (arriving tomorrow) will solve them. )

Fingers crossed.
My HH6 arrived today. Going live with BT tomorrow. I have a sense of impending doom, based on previous experience with BT. Fortunately I already have a "spare", as BT mistakenly cancelled my original order (they blamed Openreach and TalkTalk at different points), but still sent me a HH6. Despite my best efforts and BT's assurances that I wouldn't get a second one on the replacement order, it of course duly arrived........
Strange to hear myself say it, but I've been pretty impressed with the HH6. It's certainly a lot better than the HH5. I can't recall the last time I needed to reboot the HH6, and wireless range/speed is very good. Fix the wireless channels, split the bands and disable steering.

The main issue with Sonos was the problem of duplicated IPs when a PLAYBAR proxied the DHCP requests from bonded satellites. Whether this affected both WiFi and SonosNet modes I don't know for sure, but in my experience WiFi mode now works okay, presumably due to a background HH firmware update.
Thanks for comments and advice @ratty. I have a Playbar with P:1s and Sub bonded, and I am running in SonosNet mode, so I shall post back on how that goes.
I never got around to testing the PLAYBAR+sats in SonosNet mode on the HH6. That's on a different LAN.

It'll be interesting to see how you get on. If there are problems you might need to wait for an overnight firmware update. If all else fails you'd have the option of running another DHCP server instead, using any old router.
On the BT HH6:
x.y.z.= your network address i.e 192.168.1.?

Fixed/Reserved IP address setup :
Advanced -> Home Network -> DHCP Table
Choose device in question -> enter chosen IP address and tick 'always use this IP address', apply.
choose IP address outwith DHCP range (see below) so it's easier to identify, e.g.x.y.z.50 to x.y.z.99

Advanced ->Home Network -> IP Addresses
DHCP Network Range
tick 'Configure Manually'
start 😶.y.z.100
end 😶.y.z.200

Makes it easier to identify how any device in question was assigned it's IP address.
i.e. IP address of x.y.z.101 = DHCP assigned IP address
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I installed the Home Hub 6 this last weekend. Basically plugged it in and connected my Bridge via cable. Everything working.

I've not made any changes to the settings though I did check that the wireless channel was not the same as Sonos
Reporting back as promised. The switch to HH6 went pretty smoothly, and so far all functioning well. I just swapped over cables then rebooted everything on the network. The only brief hitch was that my Sonos Controller for PC (which I rarely use anyway) could not find the Sonos system initially. This turned out to be because the network had been classified as "Public"; all fine once I changed it to "Home".

I can confirm that the Playbar, Sub and bonded Play:1s worked fine from outset, system running in Boost (SonosNet) mode.
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Had problems with the first HH6 so had a replacement sent through a week or so ago. Have just installed it today and have had nothing but aggravation since that has resulted with a 45-minute long conversation with Sonos technical.

It appears that there is a major flaw with the HH6 that Sonos are aware of and have communicated to BT and currently the HH6 is on the unsupported list. BT are working on a firmware update but not there yet.

The problem I am having - which ironically was the reason for this initial post - is the assigning of IP addresses and the HH6's ability to randomly assign duplicates.

In anticipation of the change of HH6 I powered every single device down that had any network access and changed hubs. I brought the zone-bridge up first without issue, and then a pair of paired play:1's in the study and all was well. I then tried to bring up a play:5 in the hall and whilst the white light was solid the HH6 couldn't see it and it wouldn't join the Sonosnet.

I left it switched off and continued with the remainder of the reboot and brought up the remaining eight zones without drama.

I tested the upstairs rooms and had playback without incident so added one room downstairs and the whole system fell over. Perpetual drop-outs, the app showing that everything was playing when there was no sound and also repeated "unable to connect to sonos" messages, so I called Sonos tech support and that is when I heard that the HH6 was the culprit.

We have tried to reconnect the hall zone and even reset it but all to no avail and the advice is to request a HH5 or reinstall my HH4.

I've ordered a Boost (did this before I called tech support as had been meaning to get one for ages) that will arrive this afternoon (thank you Amazon) so have been advised to do nothing more until that has been installed to see what happens next.

Am posting this to assist anyone else thinking of making the change to a HH6 as had I known this I would have held off or requested a HH5 as an interim unit.

I have toyed with replacing the router with something like an Airport Extreme or the like but haven't looked into this in any great detail at present - would welcome any users who have done this and seen the benefits.

Will update once I know more but for now don't run out to get your HH6 if you don't need to!

Okay, I've run smaller systems on the HH6 in both WiFi mode and SonosNet mode and not encountered these problems. There are at least two variants of the HH6 (type A and 😎 and maybe the firmware fixes haven't reached the type B etc yet. All I can say is that I was pleasantly surprised to find that surrounds/SUB had no problems of IP duplication.

You could run the HH6 with a separate DHCP server -- the one in the HH4 might in fact work.

Wire a PC to the HH4 and power both up. Go into the HH4 network settings and change its internal IP address from to Make sure it still thinks the gateway address is (which will be the HH6's). If you can't get these settings to take then abandon the attempt. HHs are awkward to persuade to fulfil anything other than their traditional role.

If success then ...

Power the HH4 down.

Go into the HH6 settings and disable its DHCP server.

Wire a LAN port of the HH4 to a LAN port of the HH6. Power up the HH4. Power cycle all the devices on the network so they refresh their IPs.
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@Ratty - thanks for the help with this however...

1. Tried the hallway play:5 an hour or so later and it worked - guessing that whatever storm was happening at the time had cleared;

2. The new Boost remains in its box at the moment as may well be a red-herring;

3. Spoken with BT this morning and asked for a HH5 to be sent out until the problem is resolved. They immediately agreed and it is planned to arrive in 2-3 working days. Have to go back to the Open Reach box but a small price to pay!

4. I have more duplicated IP addresses than originals now! This HH6 is far worse than the one it has replaced so am giving up and going out into the garden - will live with streaming Spotify from my phone into a Bluetooth speaker for now.

So for now I will await the HH5 and see where that takes me.

Thanks as always for the tremendous support and Happy Easter!

I have more duplicated IP addresses than originals now!
Extraordinary. I've a couple of dozen devices on the HH6's subnet, including as noted a handful of Sonos units. Never run into a single case of duplication.
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The previous HH6 was replaced due to wi-fi issues and never experienced any major loss of service, but this one... nothing will work today so have opted for sunshine (ish) and fresh air (very).