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  • 8 January 2017
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I am writting to you to ask for an information and your help how to plan Sonos system: which parts to buy and how to adapt them to my needs.

- four rooms so four zones (Living room / Office / Kitchen / Games room)
- ceiling speakers joined with cable ( no wi-fi)

- I connect each room (speakers) with ZonePlayer (Amplified)
- four rooms mean 4x ZonePlayer (Amplified)
- each Zone Player is linked by wi-fi to ZoneBridge (with on-line connection)
- Controler connects with ZoneBrigde through wi-fi and controls whole system


- to link TV (optical) from Living Room with ceiling speakers in the same room
- to play ipod/iphone music in each zone
- to connect a Jack socket from laptop in chosen zone

Looking forward to hearing from you. And a big 'Thank You' for your help

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