Artwork for icecast2 radio station

  • 30 June 2015
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I wanted to listen to my old vinyl records on Sonos and didn't have a player with line in on the right place.
So I have setup the following :
- Plug my USB turntable into a Raspberry pi connected to my home network
- Install and configure Icecast2 and Darkice on the Raspberry (how to do this can be found on the web)
- Basically, Darkice is a client that capture the sound from the USB turntable (seen as a soundcard input), delivers it to Icecast that then broadcasts it on my local network
- Finally, I just had to create a radio station in Sonos directed to the Icecast2 flow url and it worked (quite well I have to say)

The only point I'm missing is how to (if possible) display a logo in the Sonos now playing zone.
The only control I have found is to change the metadata sent by Icecast that is then displayed as information in the now playing zone, but nothing about artwork.

Has someone already tried something similar? Any sharing of experience is welcome, even if it's to tell me that it's not possible...


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3 replies

The question about artwork for stations manually added to My Radio Stations has been posed before. As far as I know there's no way to do this. Certainly Sonos has nowhere to store an icon, and stream metadata support is limited to text.
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Thanks for the quick reply ratty; so this is what I suspected, no need to spend more time researching on this (it does not impact the listening experience anyway)
I know this Is an old thread, but I'm in the same position having just connected my turntable by the same method. Did you get anywhere in the last 3 years?