Artists/Albums not visible from Google Play Music in desktop/Android app

Hello; oddly it's suddenly become impossible to see albums or artists from Google Play listed within the Sonos app on either desktop or Android. The music's still there - you can access it by searching, and can see a full list of tracks available, but when attempting to view by artist/album it simply tells me 'No Selections Are Available'. Have tried disconnecting and reconnecting Google Play to no avail; any ideas? Diagnostics ticket is #7180323.

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Exactly same problem here. I blame Ed Sheeran. Uploaded ÷ and now lost all other albums/artist lists. all songs still there, but can only see this one album
Maybe this is how he ends up with all his songs in the charts.......
same problem with albums not showing on google play, despite auitting and resigning in. so what now
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Same issue... Songs visible. But albums, artists and genres are empty.
Same here. My podcasts show up, but no albums or artists unless I search.
Same issue with Google music albums here. Amazon music sends fine
Same problem. Songs are there but the indexing by albums/artists/genres in Sonos has stopped working. GooglePlay Music Library ok when viewed in web browser.
Same issue with Google Play Music with IOS, Android & Windows.
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WTF? - Same issue - added a new artist/album and now I can only see that album even though there are 1000 more in google play. Can see them on MAC but not on iPhone. Was there an upgrade that caused this?
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seems to have started when the sonos playbase app was automatically installed by Sonos (which I deleted, but did not help). Anyone else find this to be true? Any solution? Question submitted to Sonos help - #170311-001056
Same problem here.
Same here and my music constantly skips. Their software developers have created an unstable system. I have 12 hours into testing every conceivable possibility that may be causing the music to cut out. The devices are either failing to transmit or receive the signal. Sonos try's to blame Google play. But it works perfectly on the one speaker I have hard-wired.
Yes, Just upgraded to 7.1 and now google play library is inaccessible except for individual songs. Have removed and re-validated my play account and still same. Amazon library works fine. Have verified on iPad, iPhone, and windows PC, all google play and Sonos apps are latest.
It's not just Artist and Album, but Genre as well. This was working just the other day.
Diagnostic ticket submitted.
Artists/albums/genres all re-appeared this morning! The Sonos/Google Play Music interface urgently needs sorting out - similar problems have been reported for years now.
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This has happened to me several times over the last year, and again about 10 minutes ago, when I was looking for a particular track ....suddenly got track not available, and the same with Artists, Albums, Genre etc. I normally power off the Connect for a couple of minutes, then re power and it usually brings everything back, as it did this morning.
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Exact same issue for me which started a day ago; 'no selections available' for album/artist/genre.
I tried removing and adding the Google Play service. Haven't tried powering off the Connect yet. Will try this evening, however, given this has started at the same time for many other users, it seems there is a wider issue.
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Hi everyone, there was an outage with Google Play Music in the Easy Coast that you were likely seeing, it should be now resolved. If you're still having trouble with the service, can you submit a diagnostic from your Sonos system and reply back with your confirmation number?
Which one is the Easy Coast?

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Which one is the Easy Coast?


Pretty sure it's the East Coast. Is there such a thing as a Freudian typo?
Laugh. I grew up on that coast, now I'm on this coast. Neither of them seem particularly "easy" 🙂