AppleTV Gen4 distortion after 20 minutes of playback

  • 25 February 2017
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I have an ongoing issue with out Sonos system combined with AppleTV. Our AppleTV is Gen4. I know at one point I read about this being an unsolved firmware issue(?) but cannot find any articles on that searching now.

AppleTV Gen4
Time Capsule
Sharp LC-32SB24U
2x Play3

AppleTV Gen4 on wifi (Airport Time Capsule) connect to a Sharp LC-32SB24U by HDMI on input 4. The tv is connected by digital audio output to the soundbar.

We have a DVD player (Sony BXP-BX320) connect by HDMI on input 5 and over the air TV connected by coax too. Neither of these inputs have this issue and are both able to play back through the entire Sonos system without problem.

When we use AppleTV as the source for our TV, regardless of source app (so happens with apple movies, netflix, HBO app, comedy central app, etc), after approximately 20 minutes the audio first gets scratchy for a few seconds, and then becomes progressively more distorted until it is basically unintelligible after 30-60 seconds.
If we are playing without pausing, the timing is a consistent 24-28 minutes. If we pause, the distortion happens sooner the longer we pause. (e.g. if we pause 5 minutes, the distortion might start only 10 minutes into playback). The distortion will also happen with sounds in the AppleTV menu screen if you sit at that screen for ~10 minutes.

We can very quickly fix the distortion by switching to any other input then back to appletv using the tv input menu. (e.g. we will switch to over the air tv for a split second then back to appletv and the distortion is gone for another 20 minutes)

Again, this does not happen with either the dvd player or over the air tv.
Any idea what is causing this? Can it be fixed?

We are looking at purchasing a new TV (though probably around 45" max) so if the TV _is_ contributing to this issue, we could replace it.

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