Apple TV 4K video freezes when broadcasting via wifi to Sonos One

  • 20 September 2018
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I am having a similar issue to this individual:

I have the following setup:
1. Sonos One
2. Apple TV 4k

I have the Apple TV setup to broadcast to the Sonos One. I plugged both of these devices into a wired network for this test.

On Sunday I was watching NFL Sunday Ticket on my Apple TV 4K. I set the audio output to be Apple TV (this utilizes the HDMI output) and I can add four games to the screen and everything runs great. When I change the audio output to the Sonos One all of the games freeze. I may get some audio on the Sonos. I cannot even add four games without them freezing when I initially have the audio output set to the Sonos.

I can watch a single video on HBO GO or Netflix and broadcast it to the Sonos without issue. Anyone have any ideas about why this might be happening?


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13 replies

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My recommendation as this is my setup with Apple TV 4K

1.Audio to Playbar via optical from your TV
2.Apple TV to HDMI input on TV
3.Apple TV audio set to Best Quality Available
4. Sonos One Grouped to Playbar *

* I fail to see the need for the Sonos One to output audio since you have a Playbar. I must be missing something in your description :?

Thanks for your recommendation but I want to use Wifi. I have a projector with 24' between the Sonos Beam (not the Playbar, I chose the wrong one) and the Apple TV 4K.
Another update - I called up Apple and they suggested that I try to do the same test broadcasting the audio to an Apple Airport Express via Airplay instead of the Sonos to see if it works. Sure enough the audio and video worked perfectly when broadcasting to the Apple Airport Express. This issue appears to be related to the Sonos One speaker.
Hi Corez,
So you’re setup is Apple TV>audio source>airport express? Reason I ask is that I also use a projector with a bluetooth speaker but looking to change that for a Sonos One as the audio source for my ATV4k.
I actually choose Apple TV > Speaker -> Airport Express or I choose the Sonos, which I've named Family Room.

Here's a video that shows the issue in action:

I am using the NFL Sunday Ticket app and I have 4 games playing. The speaker is initially set as the Apple TV output, then I set it to be the Airport Express over airplay with no issue, and then I set it to my Sonos One over airplay and the videos freeze and the whole thing basically stops working.
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Since you have the ability to recreate the issue then do so and upon the occurrence submit a diagnostic to Sonos and post the reference ID in this forum. Good Luck!

Try getting the ATV connected to a 5GHz WiFi network and ensure the ATV is not too close to any other electronics.
Same thing happens with the Apple TV and Sonos One are on the wired network.
Is the ATV on iOS 12 yet?
Yup - upgraded first thing on Monday. Issue still happening 😞
You could try changing the audio settings on the ATV, and drop the resolution of the ATV output to see if that helps.
Thank you for the suggestion. I have engaged Sonos Customer support. The issue is easy to reproduce so we should be able to figure out exactly why it's happening. Hopefully it'll get fixed soon.
Please let us know what the final determination ends up being. My guess was oversaturation of the wifi signal, but then you said it still does it on wired, so I'm at a loss, and would be most interested.