Apple TV 4, TvOS11, DD5.1, AAC 5.1

  • 29 August 2017
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I cannot say exactly when it happened, but I believe it was with 7.4 update of Sonos
My AppleTV is connected via HDMI to Octavo HD41 where I extract optical and feed it to Playbar
AppleTV set to output Dolby Digital 5.1

Normal Stereo goes through without any problems
BUT - when audio is 5.1, most of the time I get no audio - but I can hear some tick tick tick sounds from the speakers.
Sonos app show no sound

However - in between - when restarting the stream, full 5.1 comes through as it should. But that is only random

This could of course also be an issue with the tvOS11 beta, or a combination with Sonos FW 7.4 update, but I cannot say...

The only source I have for 5.1 content is via my Apple TV

Any suggestions how I can troubleshoot?

Is this a known issue with 7.4? or tvOS11?

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3 replies

Hi, i think i have a similar problem to you. I just updated and now Netflix doesn't play though the sound bar when the audio is set to 5.1. If i set it to stereo it works
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Played through what?
I believe you want to post your diagnostic in this thread, where Sonos appears to be consolidating all of these types of issues: