Apple podcasts stop abruptly

  • 16 April 2018
  • 4 replies

Apple podcasts from iphone7 stop abruptly and restarts from the beginning... this will happen about 5 times for a 1 hr podcast. Would be nice also if there was a 15 second back up button

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4 replies

It's comical. I was attempting to listen to Malcom Gladwell's Revisionist History with Rick Rubin. The podcast begins with a Sonos commercial which I heard multiple times because the podcasts playing on Sonos stops randomly. When I restart it, it begins at the start of the podcast again with the same Sonos commercial. I do not want to hear the same Sonos commercial multiple times. I want Sonos to correct this problem. It's been happening from the time I installed my Sonos 3 years ago.
This happens to me constantly and it's such a bummer. Out of frustration I usually end up grabbing my old Bose speaker out of the closet and use that to listen to Podcasts that I've downloaded to my phone. I wish Sonos would fix this issue.
It happens with BBC podcasts on my iPhone 7 too! It's really frustrating. Surely you can modify the iPhone app to stop the wifi drop? Is it an app issue? Its pretty poor and spoils the sonos experience. The 15 second re-wind is a MUST. Come on Sonos, you're getting behind the curve.
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Hello there, ndoriss79. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. Here is a topic where one of the Community users spoke with our technicians about this problem. In short, most mobile devices do not have a WiFi card powerful enough to maintain a low latency.

When it comes to the feature request for a 15-second rewind, I am happy to forward this along to the team for consideration. Thanks again for the feedback!