Apple Music "We've run into a problem. Try again."

  • 23 October 2017
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I've had Sonos working fine with Apple Music for 1.5-2 years. In the last week whenever I try to access my playlists by going to "Apple Music > My Music > Playlists > Apple Music Playlists" on my iPhone on iOS 11 I get an error saying "We've run into a problem. Try again." This also happens if if I try to open the Recently Added folder. I can however view any of my own playlists, and I can find Apple Music playlists if I search for them specifically and play them, I just can't browse my saved ones.

I've tried force quitting the app, removing the Apple Music service and re-adding it, but nothing has worked. I just submitted diagnostics if you can help at all - the number is 7991091.


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18 replies

Exact same situation here, and same solutions tried and, also, same lack of success.
Same for me. I think I tried everything. I think it happened after the last update.
I've got the same issue, looking forward to a response from Sonos support on this thread.
Same issue here, Sonos support, anyone ?
Exactly the same here. Also the same issue on Recently Added folder
Me too. Just did another upgrade today as well and still running into the problem. I'm thinking about switching to Apple's HomePod if these things can't play nice.

This 100% started happened with the new fancy interface upgrade we had recently
Agreed. As much as love I my SONOS set up if I'm forced between Apple or SONOS there is only going to be one winner. HomePod is must have for me as it fits with my broader eco-system. Can't help feeling this whole Alexa focused speaker means a little less focus on the Apple experience. On the plus side I did read that SONOS intend to support Airplay 2 which will mean that SONOS speakers can be used via HomePod, Siri and Apple Music. It'll be interesting to set how that all works out next year.

In the meantime I'd settle for it working correctly as it did before the new interface and updates!
Same issue here. Only happened after upgrade. Report number 8052946.
Same problem. I've been using Sonos for years. I've just bought a Play:1 to use on a different house and this issue has occurred. Has anyone fixed the problem? Any response from Sonos?
Well, I left it for 24 hours and now it's working. I didn't do anything.
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I had same problem yesterday .. tried again today and it worked... someone has done something
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Hi everyone, there was an outage with the Apple Music Library that's been resolved now. If you run into any further trouble, it is likely unrelated, but we're happy to look into it with you.
I am unable to set up Apple Music with Sonos, same problem
Perhaps if you were to submit a system diagnostic, and post the number here, for the folks at Sonos to look at, it would help them figure out the issue on your system?
I submitted a diagnostic bundle: 8225862. I can’t get Apple Music to work, I get an error “We’ve run into a problem, please try again” when I type in my password. Btw that error message is not very helpful.
I just bought a connect and some play 1's. Im having this issue as well. Cannot get Apple music set up. Im not sure how to get a diagnostic bundle #. Please advise. Very frustrating, upgraded my apple account for family share as well.
Here's how to submit a system diagnostic. Be sure to post the number here, for the folks at Sonos to look at.
Hi here’s my diagnostics code. I’m having the Apple Music issue as well. Please advise. Ty 8241297