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Hi there - Apple Music/Sonos used to work beautifully on my network and then suddenly started getting glitchy. It skips to the next song after seconds or minutes of playing a song. I spent over three hours on phone support yesterday with 3 different techs trying to solve this issue, but my Apple Music continues to skip. I've switched the channels around, moved the speakers around, rebooted my router, offloaded Apple Music on my controller and reinstalled, and still nothing works. The weird thing is that Pandora and TuneIn play just fine. I thought I'd try here to see if anyone has any thoughts or solutions. Latest diagnostic is #1819966093. Thanks!

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Hi there, nmartensen. After a quick look at the diagnostic report, it seems that both your Sonos speakers are being deauthorized from the network and unable to retain enough bandwidth. This might explain why Radio by Tune in works but anything "richer" in bandwidth requirements may cut out. Do the issues persist if you test audio with one of the Sonos speakers plugged into the network with an Ethernet cable?

I was unable to locate a support ticket with your email address on file for the Community. Did you happen to get an email from the technician after? If you reply to this email it should re-open the ticket and you'd be able to pick up with them right from where you left off.
Hi Keith, thanks so much for looking into it. Support ticket was Case #: 00603933. It skips even when I am plugged in via ethernet, but not whole songs -- it seems more like that could be an interference issue bc of the proximity. But Pandora works fine wirelessly, and I'm able to stream video on my network no problem... What is the minimum bandwidth requirement for Apple Music to play? Is there a way that I can reauthorize my Apple Music account? Or is there a specific router setting that I should look at?

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