Apple Music playlists not updating in Sonos app

  • 8 December 2019
  • 2 replies

I have several Sonos devices (including a Move) and newly created Apple Music playlists are not updating in my Sonos app or desktop controller.  I am running iPadOS 13.2.3, and have read the related threads on this web page, but still have found no solution to my problem.  Any thoughts?

2 replies

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Hi Thomistic, have you removed and re-add your Apple Music account from your Sonos system? That probably is one of the suggestions you’ve found on related threads, but it’s usually a really good start. If you have already done that, I’d suggest checking for software update to make sure you’ve got the most recent build on Sonos (under Settings > System).

Thanks, but I’ve already done both things multiple times.