Apple music connection lost ALL THE TIME!

  • 31 October 2017
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Ok, I have been struggling with this issue for almost 2 years. Sent I don't know how many diagnostic numbers and the return answer is always the same. I have changed the channel back and forward, moved the boost away from the router, moved the wireless phone base to another room etc etc. I bough a bridge to be able to connect my iPad via cable to my system and when I play the music from the apple music app directly it has no problems what so ever. This kills the whole purpose of having a "wireless" system IMHO. I am kind of screwed because I already bought 2 play1´s, 1 sub, 2 play5´s and a playbar... Should have listened to my sound system guy that advised NOT to buy if I wanted a fuzz free solution.

Here is another diagnostics number for the Sonos team: 8027251 Knock your self out guys! copy and paste your good old solutions.

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1 reply

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Hi there, User797913. Thanks for the diagnostic report. Before we get started, I'd like to understand your setup a little better. Can you tell me what is physically around the BRIDGE? It seems to be showing significant continuous broadcast interference for a sustained time of 5 minutes. Significant enough to cause audio dropouts.

Feel free to post a photo of the location, as well. In this case, it could be worth more than a thousand words. Thanks!

Additionally, does this only happen with Apple Music?