Apple iOS 11

  • 29 October 2017
  • 1 reply

I really hope that Sonos will add their voice to the chorus of people who are very unhappy with the latest (and 3rd) edition of iOS 11. It is simply not acceptable for Apple to put out such poorly engineered operating systems, affecting not just Sonos, but many, many other apps as well.
Yes - I've tried all the usual - re-booting the router, deleting and downloading the Sonos app, etc. etc. - but the problems don't just affect my Sonos system!
Apple are now on their third iteration of V 11 - and I don't see any improvements.
Is this the start of the demise of Apple? Steve Jobs will turn over in his grave!

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1 reply

I’m not sure Sonos has any voice in Apples decision making, beyond yours as a customer. But I think you’re conflating potential fixes for issues in your local Wi-Fi, as it relates to the operation of the Sonos app with the functioning of iOS 11.03.

And I feel relatively certain that no one from Apple considers the Sonos forums as an official avenue for complaints about their operating system.