App will not connect to sonos

  • 1 November 2017
  • 1 reply

The sonos app will not connect to the speakers. My partner’s android app works fine. Spotify app works fine with 1 speaker in another room but doesn’t show the other speakers available to connect with. I have iPhone 7pkus and there was a recent update just days ago to iOS 11.0.3. I do not have an update for my sonos app. Could this new iPhone update be the problem? Also, I have restarted Home network. Turned phone off speakers off wi fo off. Still norhing

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1 reply

I'd suspect that your iPhone isn't connecting to the correct Wifi network, if at all. Check to be sure that you have wifi turned on, and it's connected. I don't think it's an iPhone issue, I have a 7s Plus, and it's running 11.0.3 and Sonos 8.1 without issue.