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  • 2 August 2020
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My S1 software is telling me my equipment requires an upgrade to S2.  However, when I logged on to this website, the site told me none of my equipment is S2 compatible.  So, basically, my entire system is down.  The S1 will not update (and it is telling me it can’t run with an upgrade).  And, the S2 appears to be not compatible with my equipment.

What do I do?

7 replies

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Hi @benchland_nick.

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community!

I appreciate your detailed post here, let me help and try to figure this out.

Kindly submit a diagnostic report through the Sonos app, and reply with the confirmation number, so I can review your system.

You can also refer to this Sonos S2 Overview page to learn more about the two apps.


If you have any other questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Something is weird here, the S1 app should never be forcing an upgrade to S2, even if all your gear is S2 compatible (which it is not in your case).

Annazel S.

Thank you.  I have submitted my diagnostics.  The confirmation number is:


I tried unplugging everything and restarting the router.  I can get music to my Play5 & Connect:Amp, but it only last for 20 seconds, or so.


Something is weird here,

Well, if something is “weird” I usually find a way to be involved.

I wouldn’t say S2 “forced” me to do it.  But, my S1 software suddenly started  telling me my equipment was incompatible.  At that point I felt like I had nothing to lose.


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Hi @benchland_nick 

Question: The Sonos app you are accessing is it yellow or black. If the former you are trying to access your Sonos through the wrong app.

Hi AjTrek1,


My PC the app is black (S1).  On my phone, I have installed both S1 & S2.  

I did not load S2 on my PC, yet.  

So, to answer you question:  Most of my attempts (but not all) have been using the S1 (black) software on my PC.

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Hi @benchland_nick 

Try this….

  1. Unplug all Sonos
  2. Remove the S2 and S1 apps from your phone
  3. Remove the S1 app from your computer
  4. Reboot your router
  5. Make sure the software is up-to date on your phone
  6. Plug-in your Sonos 1x1 and let each come back B4 moving to the next.
  7. Download the S1 app to your phone
  8. Choose join and existing Sonos
  9. If all is good - make sure the software on your computer is up-to-date and download the Sonos app.

Let us know the outcome



If you have submitted a diagnostic you’ll need to submit another if the problem is not resolved.


OK.  Think I got it.  I think I had more than 1 issue.  We have Xfinity.  I added some Xfi Pods to my network to improve wireless coverage.  Then I did what was suggested:

I uninstalled all Sonos software;

I unplugged all Sonos equipment;

I rebooted all networking devices;

I reinstalled S1 only;

And, I restarted all Sonos equipment.

From there everything was rather smooth.

Thanks, to all for your thoughtful assistance!!