app stuck on room setting screen

  • 24 October 2019
  • 8 replies


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8 replies

Try wiring one of your speakers to your router with an Ethernet cable. Wait 5 minutes, then open the app again and see if you can get past this screen.

I have the same issue. Did not work to wire the speaker and reset it. Now I am stuck on the exact screen, getting tired of all the issues.

Having the same issue....any luck?  Connecting with eathernet not working

I gave up and went today and it now works, go figure. But now I lost my left speaker on surround and cannot add it back. I have 3.0 MB DSL so incredibly slow but I would love it if the app was more of a real client and less of a simple interface to a backend system. I could be wrong but everything seems to depend on wifi and connectivity.

The controller is just a remote control, that talks to the actual Sonos system that runs on your speakers, so it does depend on wifi and connectivity.

Your DSL speed wouldn’t have much of an impact here, the issue is the local LAN inside your home, not the speed from your modem to the outside world.

I’d certainly recommend that you contact Sonos Support directly to discuss it.

I suggest the phone folks, they have more tools available because they're on the phone with you, but they are only available Monday through Friday during business hours. Both the Twitter and Facebook support folks are available 24/7.


I bought a Sonos boost thinking that it would solve some of these issues but no love. I will call, thanks for the response. 


I need to reconnect after a power outage left some of my speakers missing…. IOS App is getting stuck at the page as in the 1st post above.

That is a bit of a backward step on an app that was working just fine!

Anybody got a fix?



I went into “more options” and reset the app.

I was then able to add speakers back.