app settings screen is blank

  • 28 September 2021
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I had sonos arc with name salon in the app.

I connected an older Sonos beam I had disconnected , but it had the same name salon.

Once I did that the settings page won't load anymore in the app.

When sel we cting to play something I see 2 salon entries and can play in both.




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6 replies

What device is your controller on? What OS is running on that device? Which version of the Sonos controller are you running?

Have you tried just unplugging all Sonos devices from power for a minute or two, then plugging them back in?

Or perhaps deleting the controller from your device (don’t worry, you won’t lose settings) and then downloading a fresh copy? If you do so, just be sure to “connect to existing system” rather than “set up a new system” when provided the option.


I am using Samsung Galaxy s20 running Android 11, Sonos app is latest 13.3

Good to know, thank you. The other suggestions still stand. 

I think I’d also be double checking to make sure that the font size used by the OS is not changed, just in case.

You’ve not indicated on your profile what country you are in. Is your controller or OS in a language that is not English?


English. Israel.

Will try the suggestions.

Font size is not changed

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Sonos doesn’t care about the names of speakers. You could name them all “hamster” if you wanted to. It refers to them via their unique id, which are hidden from users.

Please provide a screenshot of the “settings page not loading in the app” so we can get a clearer idea of the problem.


This morning seems to be resolved, without me doing anything.

I quickly renamed the speaker, just in case  :)