App doesn't recognise Sonos system *after* successfully adding new speakers.

  • 8 December 2019
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*Disclaimer: My app isn't in English so the phrases and options I mention are my own translations and might differ from the actual terms*

Assume I've gone through all the basic troubleshooting steps unplugging/rebooting hardware, reinstalling app, … before I got here. I'll do it all again ad nauseam if needed but I'm hoping someone has some more insight into what's going on.

I got a One, One SL and Sub to add to the Playbar I've had for a few years to create a surround sound setup. I also got a new phone (samsung galaxy S10) because since the last Sonos app update the OS on my old phone was outdated (and wasn't getting new updates because it was ancient) so I couldn't add new speakers with it.

I set up my new phone and began the setup process with the Sonos App. This seemed to work fine.

My Playbar is hooked with a UTP cable directly to my router and with an optical digital audio cable to my TV (Philips smart TV). The app recognised it and I started setting up the other speakers through “create surround setup” option. I first did the One as one of the back speakers. Then the One SL as the other back speaker. It didn't find the One SL at first, but after I unpowered it and plugged it back in it worked fine. I then did another “search for new speakers” to find the Sub. This went without problems as well.

Now this setup works fine. When I play music or movies through my TV all the speakers are working as they are supposed too. I can regulate the volume with the remote I have setup for this.

The problem is that once the setup process ended the Sonos app doesn't find the speakers anymore. Or it says it does find them, but then it doesn't …

All I get now when I start the app is a black screen with SONOS in large lettering and then: “We can't find any speakers which are registered to your Sonos account. Register them now so you can use them.” Then there's a wrench symbol with “register your speakers” below it. When I tap that symbol I get, after a short processing time, a white screen which says “Updating account complete. The speakers are now coupled to your Sonos account.” And a large check mark symbol in the center. When I tap the "ready” in the top right corner it reverts back to the previous black "can't find speakers” screen. (Aside: Tapping the large central checkmark does nothing. If this is WAI, it's poor design.)

Trying the "more options" at the bottom of this screen hasn't helped. 

  • “Info on my Sonos” actually shows all my speakers which are supposed to be there
  • Contact support/send diagnostic info. It was saturday evening, and now sunday when I started this. Support isn't available for me at this time, so I'm here instead.
  • “Reset App” gives me two options. If I choose “connect to existing system” it first goes to the white screen, only to end up on the black screen again. If I choose “connect to new system” it can't find anything at all. Which is weird since “info on my Sonos” apparently does find them all.

So does anyone have any ideas to get my app to find my speakers? Something I missed or did wrong?

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1 reply

Question: is your phone connected to a 2.4Ghz channel from your router, or a 5Ghz channel? There are some routers that seem to have difficulty in passing traffic between the two, and it sounds as if your phone isn’t reaching the speakers at all.

Also, is the PLAYBAR still connected to your router with the Ethernet cable? It’s also a possibility that your router is only in 5Ghz and without a direct connection, the Sonos wouldn’t be able to connect at all. If it is connected, then your system would be using SonosNet. 

You haven’t indicated in your forum profile where you’re from, but I would still think that the 24/7 Sonos support via Twitter or Facebook would be an option for you, and perhaps in your native language, although your English is impeccable.