App doesn't display music, but music is playing!

  • 7 November 2015
  • 3 replies

This problem is plaguing my otherwise stellar system.

Controller app on iOS devices will not display music, even though music is playing. For example, I can choose my Pandora channel and it begins playing in the selected zone and I can control volume in the zone but the app's zone screen is null/empty/silent as if no music is playing.

I have tried resetting controller. I have tried deleting and reinstalling. No change!

I need my thumbs down for Pandora!

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3 replies

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That's a strange one. I'm sure that there's a perfectly logical explanation, though. Just to be clear, is this happening on several iOS devices? Does any one of them Not display this issue? Can you please send us through a diagnostic? Both from an affected and from an unaffected device? If possible, that would be great. If you provide me with the confirmation numbers for those I'll take a look. Thanks a lot!
It went away for a while. Now it is back. Same issue. Very strange. Can control volume. Can select Pandora channel. But app display is blank in for zone. Only way to stop music is to ungroup zone.
The best would be to send us a diagnostic. Please reply with the confirmation number. Here's an article explaining how: How to Submit Diagnostic

Also, are you using a different DNS or running a VPN?
I have the same problem. Music plays but the app on my iphone and computer shows there is no track playing. I can stop music only by telling alexa to stop music.