Anyone willing to help improve the Sonos-iTunes user experience?

  • 6 February 2017
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In the iTunes library and playlists, Apple provides a tick box with each song. Un-ticking that box for one or more songs, means the song is skipped / does not get played when playing that playlist. The song also does not get copied / synced to your apple devices. Unfortunately Sonos does not appear to recognise that iTunes tickbox and copies and plays in Sonos, every song in the iTunes library/playlist. If you think it would be a great feature to have in Sonos, just reply with YES! Thank you

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6 replies

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A playlist is exactly that - A list of songs to PLAY.
To me, it is not logical or intuitive to create a Playlist and then mark songs you don't want to play - What you've essentially done is create a new Playlist. And that is, of course, what you should do - create a new Playlist which contains ONLY the songs you want to play.
The playlist information is held in the iTunes Music Library.xml file. Having played around with a couple of playlists, I cannot see anywhere in this file that the check box is reflected. Which seems to confirm what I would expect, that this is an "on-the-fly" matter handled by the iTunes software, putting it out of easy reach of Sonos

I could be wrong.
Well, I'd tend to agree with John B, but I'm also not a Sonos employee. However, I could see it being possible, although I'd assume it would require a fairly significant change in the API that Sonos has created. I'm assuming that the data reflecting whether that checkbox has been ticked is stored somewhere in the file as opposed to in iTunes itself, so Sonos would have to first support reading that data, and then Apple might need to make that data available (although I don't know if they obfuscate it or not). But it would require some extra work, to be sure. It's not implemented now, since it's an Apple only flag, and Sonos has tried to be a multisource platform, working with many different platforms of music storage, not just Apple.

But I suspect it's possible. Just not at the top of the list. For me, I just create a separate playlist, and use that, rather than depending on the unique Apple approach. Gets me to the same end, without fuss, and consequently I'm not turning blue waiting for it to be implemented.

But nothing wrong with requesting the feature, either. I'm just not confident it would be near the top of the list of what they're working on....but who knows. They don't tell us what they're working on. And it could be a 10 minute code change. Or a 100 day rewrite by 30 coders. 🙂
Hi John. Interesting reply. Do you work at Sonos or what is it that gives you that conviction? II do not work at Sonos, and all Sonos staff are clearly identified as such. I have just stated my opinion. It is based on the fact that the Sonos Music Library merely indexes the tracks from the folder structure used by iTunes, in the same way it indexes files stored in any other folder. It doesn't go near iTunes itself, and I cannot see how it could do the sort of thing you are asking for without doing so. Therefore a significant development, for a marginal gain for the subset of Sonos users who use iTunes

I could be wrong.
Hi John. Interesting reply. Do you work at Sonos or what is it that gives you that conviction? I
There isn't really a Sonos - iTunes user experience. Sonos does not truly interface with iTunes software at all, it just accesses the folders and picks up playlist data from within those folders. This isn't going to happen IMO.

I am not an Apple Music user though so don't know what is possible there